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Clothing Swap

Clothing Swap

Purchasing is always a moral, and not simply economic act.
— Pope Benedict XVI

Scroll through the J.Crew website. See a cute shirt. On sale? Yes. In my budget? Yes. Add to cart. Buy. This is me a lot of the time. But recently, this quote by Pope Benedict XVI has been in the back of my mind. I’m (slowly) becoming more aware of what I buy and who I’m buying from. Keeping in mind things like how are the workers treated? Do they work in dangerous environments? Speaking of the environment, are they sourcing materials that are harming the environment? Who is the company as a whole and who are the supporting? Are they supporting respectable organizations? It's kind of a lot to think about and not super convenient doing the research instead of just buying whatever. But…

“The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.”
— Pope Benedict XVI

All the Pope Benedict XVI quotes :) Again, this is just something I’m starting to think about, so I haven’t made crazy changes yet. I’m making baby steps towards it though and I’d like for you to join me! One baby step I made was co-hosting a Clothing Swap with Chloe. Here’s how to host a clothing swap:


Pick a date and time and send out a cute invitation! Paperless Post is my go to online invitation; they’re soo cute. Our invitation is below :) Chloe and I thought 15 women would be a good amount, but extended the invitation to friends of the women we were inviting. A great place to start when thinking about invites is your Bible Study or women’s small group. We set a couple of guidelines for our swap, but it can totally be done however. Here were some deets we had in our invites:

Bring a min of 10 items
Make sure your items don't have holes or stains and are clean
For every item you bring, you'll get a ticket to "buy" something else
Bring a shopping bag

Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 9.30.06 PM.png


There are so many different options to setup a clothing swap. We went with something like a store. We hung dresses, separated the tops by size, put pants on a rack, had a table with shorts and skirts, under the table were the shoes, and a basket of accessories. We had a long mirror to get the dressing room vibe going. We put out some wine and cheese for snacks and put on soft music in the background to set the mood. And had these super cute printables (100% Chloe) for our tickets.



We went around and “shopped” like normal. We ended up not using the tickets, but they would have acted like money. We all walked away with a couple of items; I can’t wait to wear the shirts that I got! We are planning to donate everything we had left. It was fun getting to seeing what everyone got!

Our clothing swap was quite lovely! It was great to get the girls together and build community all while making shopping a mortal act. Highly recommend.

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