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Home Ownership

Home Ownership

I bought a house! That actually happened over a year ago, but we’re making up for loss time. When I first started looking, it was merely just an option. My lease was ending, but I liked where I lived and being roomies with Sal was pretty great. But a desire to use my spiritual gift of hospitality and to build community in a house of my own became more and more apparent on my heart. Through a lot of prayer and the grace of the Lord, He gave me the house that I’m in today! Here are a few things I’ve learned about being home ownership.

Pray about it. All of it, every bit of it. Doubts creep in when our hearts are not aligned with the Lord’s and that’s exactly what happened when I wasn’t praying during the home buying experience, or even now that I’m a home owner. Most of my doubts involved finances and other people’s opinions. But through prayer, God spoke truth unto my heart. He said a home is a place to be lived, to create memories, not a place to make money. He denied the doubts and affirmed the truths. And He continues to do so. Worrying has not stopped since I moved in. I now find myself worrying about the weirdest things that I never thought I would be worried about. When I find imperfections in the walls, my mind starts to doubt, jumping to the worst case possible. But I bring my burdens to the foot of the Cross and prayer over those imperfections. I know, that’s probably a little weird, “but for God all things are possible” [Matthew 19:26]. No matter how big or how small, He wants it and more so, He wants you.

Don’t let your house be an idol. Anything in which you spend too much time can become an idol. I was constantly letting thoughts like how am I going to decorate to look like my “2E” dream home Pinterest board? When will I mow so I won’t be “that” neighbor who brings down the street? It became my idol. Chloe recently wrote a post about this and I’m obsessed (you can find the post here)! I love when she says “Relationships, families, and homes aren’t bad things in and of themselves. But they’re meant to be icons, not idols. They’re meant to point us back to the Creator of our hearts, not block our view of him.” There is so much good in owning a home. It can become a place to bring us closer to the heart of Jesus, a place to rest, a place to make and share mems.

Take it slow and let pride go. I am a total perfectionist, so of course, I wanted my house to be furnished and decorated to the nines. And one of the reasons for the house was to use my spiritual gift of hospitality and I couldn’t do that if my house wasn’t perfect. But my pride was overcome by a dose of humility (thank God). He keeps pruning my heart to be less prideful, especially through Derek (he’s been a gem for helping me be more humble), to make me realize that my house does’t have to look like a house decorated by Joanna Gaines for me to live in it. Rooms don’t have to be filled to have community. Furniture doesn’t have to match to make mems and share them with those we open our doors to. I’m taking my time filling my house with items I really like and not things that take up space. One tip is to start with the room you will spend the most time in; for me, it was the living room!

All in all, it has been so great owning a house and I can’t wait to share more about it!

Shout out to  Hilary Sanchez  for the photo edits!

Shout out to Hilary Sanchez for the photo edits!

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What's bringing me joy?