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Gift Guide: For her

Gift Guide: For her

Here is my first ever gift guide!  And I am too excited for it! Probably because my Type A personality is coming out and is ready to make all the lists (nerd alert).  But giving gifts is so much fun!  I love it because it's a great opportunity to really reflect on the person I've built this relationship with, the conversations we've had, the memories we have made, and the beauty of God's creation. 

One of the best gifts I've received was from my best friend, Grace.  I mentioned to her that I had filled my prayer journal and needed to get a new one.  What I didn't mention was that all my prayer journals are a shade between tan and brown and are leather bounded.  Guess what she got me on my birthday.  A tan leather journal (get out)!  This tiny detail that she noticed over the five years of our friendship made my heart fill will joy.  This intentionality, this gift showed me love.  And that's exactly what gifts should do!  

Sadly, the gift giving list is low priority on the to-do list (list for dayz), which means cute, generic gifts for everyone! At least they're cute, right? (No). This year, I've decided to make the gift giving list high priority and be intentional with the gifts I give. To do so, I'm inviting Jesus into the gift giving process and I'm making the act of gift giving an act of love.  

It's kind of funny that I just talked about being intentional with your gifts and now I'm giving you a gift guide with generic gifts... Oh the irony! But have no fear because you can totally be intentional with these gifts and I even share ways to do so!  Below are gift guides for my girls who...

For my girls who are pursing the heart of Jesus // Here are a few things she might like that will help her grow in her relationship with the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Mama Mary!  To make these gifts more intentional, think about how she prays or who she spends more time with in prayer.  Add a little note expressing how much she means to you, how her pursuit of the heart of Jesus inspires you, and why you picked the gift! 

For my girls who have a passion for fashion // Can you guess where you would go to get an intentional clothing for me? If you said j.crew/j.crew factor, you know me so well :) After all, what's a post without mentioning j.crew? Here are few of my top picks; they're even on my own wish list!  Things to keep in mind when being intentional would be how she expresses her authentic self, her favorite stores, and her go to colors that she wears.  Add a little note expressing how much she means to you, how her dignity and beauty inspires you, and why you picked the gift! 

For my girls who organzie // Have I mentioned that I'm very much a Type A and therefore, love being organized? Just the fact that you know she's organized, yells intentionality.  Questions to ask when thinking about making these ideas more intentional would be does she like to make lists? Does she keep a planner to stay organized?  And always keeps in mind her authentic self! Add a little note expressing how much she means to you, how her organization inspires you, and why you picked this gift!

For my girls who travel // I still have my travels to Spain and Portugal on my mind, so here are some fun things for my travelers out there! For intentionality, think about where she likes to travel or what she likes to do when she travels. If y'all have traveled together, maybe think about the mems you made or an inside joke from the trip!  Add a little note expressing how much she means to you, how her travels inspires you, and why you picked this gift!

Passport cover || Carry-on bag || Cosmetic travel pouch || Traveling journal 

I hope you've enjoyed my first gift guide!  Let's invite Jesus into the gift giving process and spread His love through the act of gift giving.  Share some intentional gifts you have either given or received in the comment below! Thanks for reading :)

P.S. Gift Guide: For him coming soon! 

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